Parties and Workshops

SAADE Intensive Workshops

Before each Party on the 5th Saturday, we try to present “A Day at the Place”.  This is an intensive learning opportunity designed to present more and varied topics to more experienced players.  People of all experience levels are welcome to attend, but be aware that these are not beginners level classes.

SAADE Parties

BDSM Parties are hosted by SAADE on 5th Saturdays throughout the year at a specified location.   Watch for announcements on FetLife for when and where our current Parties are being held.  Doors open at 8 PM.

SAADE Parties, much like our name implies, are for advanced players.  The parties can be described as “Dark” or “Edge” and allow experienced Members to have scenes which are not normally seen at most local events.

These parties are sex-positive, so tickets must be purchased in advance of each event.  To attend a party, a waiver for that year must be on file for each person, or completed at the door.  If a waiver is needed, IDs must be shown and waivers must be signed with real identity.  Attendees must be over eighteen years of age.

Party Rules 

  • Anyone attending a SAADE party must be responsible for their own actions. All play must be consensual.
  • Please bring your own toys and CLEAN UP after your scene.  Leave all equipment free of sweat, blood, other body fluids, wax, toys, etc.
  • Do not monopolize the equipment.  75 minutes is the absolute time limit.
  • Never handle other people’s toys or toy bag without permission DO NOT touch other people’s person or property without first asking permission. 
  • Never assume a sub is “fair game”.  No one is fair game here.  ALWAYS ask first! 
  • DO NOT put your naked genitals “directly” on any furniture or flooring in the social areas.
  • Fire, Wax and Body Fluid Scenes need to be brought to the attention of DMs prior to play.  Areas have been set aside especially for these purposes, ask the DM’s where they are.  When playing with fire, put the fire extinguisher nearby, a wet towel next to you & a bowl of water (containers are provided). Have a 2nd
  • NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES, of any kind, are allowed at SAADE events.
  • Firearms and firearm replicas may not be brought into any SAADE event.
  • Safe sex is recommended, unless you are fluid bonded with your partner.
  • Smoke in designated areas only.  Please use ashtrays provided and NEVER throw your butts into the yard (DMs can direct you to the smoking area).
  • Photography – Never assume that photography is permitted.  The Dungeon Monitor (DM) Team and the Head of Security may permit photography on a limited basis, but it must be arranged prior to the scene starting.  A DM must be present during the picture taking to ensure there is no one in the picture that does not want to be.  The Chief DM has the right to disallow all photography if they do not have the time to supervise the scene.
  • All SAADE events are potluck so don’t forget to bring a dish or snacks to share.  Drinks, ice, etc. will be provided.                                                  


SAADE Dungeon Monitors

  1. All SAADE sponsored play parties and events will have at least one Dungeon Monitor (DM) per fifty (50) attendees.
  2. The DM’s shall not be encumbered with any other duties that may distract him/her from the role of DM, so they won’t stop for lengthy visits or chats.
  3. The DM will have access to all areas during an event. Do not interrupt a scene. If you have a concern about a scene, bring it to the attention of a DM.
  4. Only DMs may interrupt a scene.
  5. The SAADE Council has faith in their DMs, so decisions made by the DM concerning safety, security, or removal are final.

If you have any questions regarding DMs at SAADE Parties, please contact the Equipment & Security Council Member.


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