SAADE Membership Requirements

  1. You must have attended one Orientation session.
  2. You must abide by SAADE’s social and party rules.
  3. You must always treat Dom’s and sub’s in such a manner as not to cause permanent harm; either physically or psychologically.
  4. And most importantly… you must try to have fun!

New membership applicants are asked to show a valid ID to insure the age requirement is being met and sign a release of liability waiver.

Good Citizenship

By using legal identity waivers and complying with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and statutes, SAADE models legal and responsible behavior.  This is an essential image to project in order to minimize any negative perceptions that authorities may develop of our lifestyle.  Presenting positive measures to protect SAADE, our members, and the community from harm lowers the risk of legal actions against us and thereby helps protect our members from losing their privacy.

Members of SAADE

Once you sign a waiver in a calendar year, you are a Member of SAADE (for that year). Members are required to sign a new waiver each year.  This allows them to attend any SAADE event without signing additional waivers for the balance of that year.

Each SAADE membership applicant must balance their desire for privacy with the legal necessity to protect SAADE and the other members before agreeing to provide their legal name and other personal information.  While it is easy to understand how these waivers would protect SAADE against various legal and liability issues, it is sometimes less apparent to the applicant that these waivers also protect them.

A Note about Waivers

SAADE is not the only local group that requires new membership applicants to provide legal identity information.  Waivers that require members to use their legal names and personal information are being increasingly used within our lifestyle community.  However, the use of these waivers is controversial because they require special procedures to protect member privacy while providing the legal protection for which they were designed.

Waiver Security

Signed waivers collected at SAADE functions are taken by a specifically authorized SAADE member to an off-site location where they are secured by SAADE’s legal counsel.  All waivers are protected by traditional Attorney – Client Privilege.  The extensive legal security measures that we take to protect these waivers means that in the event one of our members should come to the attention of local or national civil authorities, the legal identity and personal information of the other members will continue to be protected.


If you have any further questions about SAADE’s use of legal identity waivers, or the legal measures that SAADE has taken to protect them, please contact any SAADE Council member and every effort will be made to provide you with an appropriate answer within a reasonable period of time.

Social Etiquette

SAADE recognizes that Scene Etiquette is dynamic and personal. It differs depending on the individual and the situation. SAADE hereby adopts and promotes the practice of Scene Etiquette which fosters courtesy, respect and confidentiality among individuals within the community.  We ask our members and their guests to follow these rules while attending SAADE meetings, functions and/or any of SAADE’s special interest group.

Code of Conduct (applies to all SAADE events):

  1. It is inappropriate to touch other people or their property without first obtaining permission. Never assume. Communication is the key to initiating play or determining the level of intimacy you may have toward another. Our basic premise is consent. Be sure you have consent before you move ahead to play or touch.
  2. Play scenes are personal and the area in which they take place is to be respected. Again consent is the issue. Do NOT join a scene unless specifically asked to do so! Do not assume you are a welcome addition to any scene that is being undertaken unless you are specifically asked to join in.
  3. Sometimes we invade or disrupt play scenes unintentionally. We ask all SAADE members to practice situational awareness. Be aware and check yourself. Keep conversation, laughter and/or comments to a minimum in the play areas. Don’t make any loud noises or disruptions that may break the play space.
  4. We understand that conflict happens in life. Sometimes misunderstandings occur and bad feelings result from them. We ask that members strive to resolve these conflicts outside of the SAADE events.
  5. Feel free to discuss problems with the SAADE Council but know that we recommend that members try to get together (one on one) to discuss their issues and work them out between themselves.  If this is not possible we ask that you avail yourselves of the D/s Mediation team or get a trusted 3rd party to help resolve your differences.
  6. Please remember, as a whole, we are not a political group. SAADE’s mission is education, community building and fun. There are other venues for political wrangling. This is a neutral zone for exploring the things we have in common.
  7. We reserve the right to ask for legal identification. We reserve the right to decline membership without stating a reason. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age above majority, sexual orientation or physical ability.
  8. Not all members are open with their families and employers about their BDSM involvement, sexual orientation or personal fetishes.
  • Information about other members of SAADE is not to be shared without the direct consent of the person in question.
  • Never take pictures without the consent of all parties involved.
    Do not mention proper names or describe a person in such a way that their identity may be determined, without consent of that person.
  • Never give out addresses of play parties except to your sponsored guests.
  • Never give out e-mail addresses without consent of that person.
  • Do not discuss (“out”) the alternative activities or preferences of a member of SAADE to any person, organization or business not directly involved with SAADE 


Please be mindful that Scene Etiquette is expected of all SAADE members. Willful and ongoing disrespect of other members may be grounds for the suspension of membership privileges and/or terminating membership and attendance to SAADE functions and special interest groups.




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