The SAADE leadership model is unique as well. SAADE is led by a Chief Counsel – the owner of the group.  The Chief Counsel is advised by an appointed Council: Equipment & Security, Educational Programs, and Member Services.   The Council Members are diversely skilled in different areas of the BDSM lifestyle and work together to efficiently and effectively create a place where members can enjoy themselves while continuing to learn and educate.  Each Council branch has one or more Coordinators who help plan and implement SAADE activities and allow the group to accomplish its mission.

SAADE is founded on a form of tribalism. The tribal model is based on the concept of “leadership by proven experience.”  Those who have leadership roles are not elected, but are invited.  They obtain their leadership position based on their demonstrated, “tried and proven” actions rather than on words or campaigning. Typically Council Members and Coordinators are those who are interested in being involved in promoting education and community values. Like a school, SAADE is a dynamic environment with both internal activities and community projects in development and presentation. The tribal model is well suited for this as it provides multi-levels of leadership opportunity and avenues for community service.

 Current SAADE Council & Coordinators

Chief Counsel: Kristin  

Belt Daddy oversees all areas of SAADE’s programs and makes all final decisions.  He is the owner of SAADE and the tribal leader of this diverse group. To contact him, send a Fetlife mail message to PositiveIQ.

Equipment & Security Counsel: Daragaya

Daragaya oversees all equipment for demonstrations, education and parties.

He also supervises and coordinates all aspects of security and safety, including Dungeon Monitors. To contact him, send a Fetlife mail message to Daragaya.

To ensure effective and complete safety and security of our Members, the Equipment and Security Counsel is assisted by two coordinators.

Security Coordinators: SirTexas & LilHeaven – These coordinators act as backup to the Counsel person, and is in charge of wrapping up all Parties safely.

SAADE’s fundamental purpose is to provide various avenues of education and experience to its members.  This occurs through both the monthly Educational Meetings and the 5th Saturday “Day with SAADE”.

Educational Programs Counsel for Friday Educationals: Ser’ren

The monthly meetings cover educational topics related to BDSM, as well as panel discussion groups and demonstrations on a 101-201 level, and are meant for less experienced members of the community or seasoned veterans who want to learn a new skill or discuss an interesting topic.  To contact her, message Ser_ren.

Educational Programs Counsel for The Day with SAADE: JDOM

This council person spearheads all educational materials, presentations, and demonstrations for The “Day with SAADE”, and is more advanced and typically covers 301-401 level materials with one or more experts teaching up to 4 sessions in a focused all-day activity. To contact him, message JDOM.

Member Services Counsel: autumnrain

This council position is focused on new and existing member services, including organizing all waivers, door check in, financial and printed materials. She is available to answer questions and help attendees during events and socials. You will find her smiling face as you enter our Educationals and Parties. To contact her, send a Fetlife mail message to autumnrain.

Event Counsel: Rabbitschewtoy 

This council position is focused on socials, events and parties. She focuses on greeting members, ensuring attendees know the layout of the event space, answers questions and makes sure our events are fun as well as promoting SAADE events by advertising! You will often see her being a social butterfly at most Meetings, Socials and Parties! To contact her, send a Fetlife mail message to Rabbitschewtoy.

To assist these council positions, SAADE has a team of folks dedicated to making sure members’ experiences are truly fun and fulfilling.  To help these events run smoothly, there are coordinator positions as well as a large team of volunteers!

Event/Party Coordinator: ShyKinkstress

Thiscoordinator helps organize and make the Day at the Place and Dark Party an enjoyable and interesting time for all members, guests, and presenters alike. Essential to making sure that our events run well and everyone has FUN!To contact her, send a Fetlife mail message to ShyKinkstress.






Since membership in SAADE is considered participatory and members are expected to demonstrate volunteerism and community service as well as expecting fun and exciting opportunities to learn, this position is a focal point to help members fully enjoy and participate


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