SAADE was created in the year 2000 as a Dominants-only group.  As SAADE grew, the needs of the members began to change.  To meet those needs, SAADE was formed into an educational resource for the community.  The name symbolized the primary function of SAADE; School for Austin Area Dominant Education.

In 2004 with the ever-growing requests by groups outside of the Austin Area, the council made a change to the name.  SAADE became the School for Advanced American Dominant Education

In 2010, in order to recognize that our education extends to s-types, as well as Dominants, we made another change to our name.  The change also signifies the relationship with our local community (getting back to our roots, so to speak) and we became School for Austin Area D/s Education.

As the Austin BDSM Community expands, many groups provide introductory classes, lectures, demonstrations and events.  Recognizing that the experience of SAADE members can go even further to educate those in the community while continuing to emphasize its fundamental purpose, in 2014 a new name was chosen – School for Austin Advanced D/s Education.


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