SAADE Overview

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Mission Statement

Our mission is twofold:

1. To actively promote safe play through continuing educational workshops and discussion groups.

2. To create programs and activities that will enhance community unity through shared experiences.

To achieve this mission, SAADE presents a yearly schedule of both discussions and workshops, hosts special interest groups and cooperates with other BDSM groups in co-sponsored events.

SAADE Membership

SAADE welcomes new members who are interested in BDSM education to enhance their knowledge and proficiency of our lifestyle.  Membership in SAADE is considered participatory and members are expected to demonstrate volunteerism and community service.

SAADEs Educational Focus

Since the beginning, there have been requests for different types of education: New Dominants coming into the community asking where to go for instruction tools; DM’s asking for better training; a library for members to advance their knowledge of different types of activities relating to BDSM; submissives asking for equal opportunities for educational resources; and members asking for help in times of conflict.

As we have evolved, we found ourselves adapting a university or “institute of higher learning” model.  This model does not exact pressure on others to join “the club” but rather to be an ongoing support system; an environment for those seeking personal growth and friendships within the community.  Like a university, SAADE offers a wide range of educational opportunities.  These opportunities are varied and thus appeal to a diverse group of learners.


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